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Parashat Derech

Noam's Bar Mitzvah - family learning sessions

Family learning sessions of the contents of the Parasha

Miketz is part of an exciting   series that follows the story of Joseph. The pivotal point for Joseph starts with Pharoh's dream of cows and grains. Joseph jumps from being a prisoner to being Pharoh's vice king.

We also follow Joseph as he meets his brothers and puts them to the test, did they change? Did they learn their lesson?

We will discuss brothers, dreams, hunger and swift changes and we will learn about the Treasures of the Land sent by Jacob to Egypt.

Tours Day 1

In the footsteps of dreamers and swift changes.

We will visit Beit Yellin and Motza to learn about the first Jewish village in modern times, then tour Yvel Jewlery factory to hear about the changing point for many olim. 

Our next stop is at Galita to make some chocolate [sweet dreams] and then to Haddassah hospital, we will visit the Chagall windows and see how the artist described the 12 Tribes – Brothers, we will learn about Henrietta Szold and her dream   and then give the chocolates to the deserving staff.


Day 2

Treasures of the land [Genesis 43;11]

  "And their father Israel said unto them: 'If it be so now, do this: take of the choice fruits of the land in your vessels, and carry down the man a present, a little balm, and a little honey, spicery and ladanum, nuts, and almonds"

We will start the day at Balm of Gilead farm and learn about ancient spices and smells, then visit a date farm and learn how to make the biblical honey- Silan, we will drive through the homeland of Joseph's sons Menashe and Efrayim and discus the idea that they ruled here before the exodus. 

We can combine a Camel ride or Jeep ride

Some Magical Moments

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