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Parashat Derech

Hadas's Bat Mitzvah - Parashat Nitsavim

In this Parasha the last two positive commandments – Mitzvot   of the Torah appear.

On the first is the commandment to have the whole nation congregate and read the Torah once in seven years- "Hakhel". 

The other is to write a Torah scroll- 

 " and now, write this song and teach it to the children of Israel" Dvarim 31/19


We had a nice learning session in my garden and then went on a two day trip.

The first day was dedicated to "Hakhel" and the second to songs.

We visited Tel Shilo, we discussed the commandment of Hakhel, saw a short film of the local historical events and then walked to the assumed site of the Mishkan, there we had a ceremony. Hadas read out Hanna's prayer and we spoke about her courage. We also connected to praying from the heart.

Hadas taught us courage during the fun and scary atv ride we took to some natural springs.

From Shilo we drove to the Namura farm. Hadas remembered fondly her brother's Bar mitzvah trip when we slept in a Bedouin tent and wanted something similar.

Namura farm was secluded, beautiful and just what Hadas dreamed of.

After a good night sleep and an early morning walk we started our song day. The first stop was a tour of Mystical Tzefat.  We spoke about the impact the "Golden age " of Tzefat has on our Judaism today. We sang Lecha dodi in the city it was composed, and then we continued to Rosh Pina to "Wood song" Peter gave us a tour of the wooden instruments he creates and then gave us our own private concert! 

We ended our song day with one of our beloved songwriters- Naomi Shemer.

We visited her home in Kvutsat Kinneret. We had the most exciting time playing music on her piano.

We learned that Naomi Shemer based many of her songs on the Tanach   and we had the chance to read the speech given at Naomi Shemer's Bat Mitzvah!

The best unplanned treat was when Meir Sapir-  Shemer's nephew came in and played some music for us. 

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